How to Keep and Breed Betta Fishes Successfully – Your Ultimate Guide

How to Keep and Breed Betta Fishes Successfully – Your Ultimate Guide

Mar 03

I have been breeding bettas for almost 2 years now, the first 3 breeds well sad to say weren’t that successful. So much to read online on on how to take care of betta fishes and how to breed them, well you learn more by experience. I have had nails put on my breeder’s tank lol, temperature control, almond leaves, etc..

The last breeding that I have had, was successful, not all fries made it to adult stage though.. as I have read once “only the strongest will survive”. I cross bred plakat and crown tail which is one of my favorite, being patient month after month, well it was all worth it.


Betta Fish Secrets

Beta Fish Secrets

The Ultimate Guide To Learning How To Keep And Breed Betta Fish Successfully

Now You Can Discover For Yourself The Truth About Betta Fish Using Tested Techniques That Most Betta Fish Owners Never Know

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn:

ArrowThe ideal tank size for your betta fish… Get this wrong and disaster could strike

Arrow The quick check list of everything you must have before you even think about buying your betta fish

ArrowRevealed… Betta fish Filtration secrets

Arrow How to get the right water your fish will thrive in

Arrow Where you should place your betta fish in your room

ArrowThe basics of water chemistry

ArrowThe advantages and disadvantages of adding plants

Arrow How to know when the tank is ready for fish

ArrowQuick tips on how to pick the best betta’s in the shop… do this wrong and you’ll have problems from the start

Arrow What size betta fish you should buy and the best size for beginners

Arrow What tank mates will go well with your betta fish… Andwhat you must avoid ever putting in the same tank

ArrowDiscover how long will your betta fish live

ArrowQuestions you must ask the seller, this alone will help you loads

ArrowThe 6 Step System for setting up your new betta aquarium

ArrowHow to distinguish between crown tails and delta tails… Discover how to tell the difference between all varieties.

Arrow An overview of the spawning process

ArrowThe right way to look after fry for the first few weeks

Arrow How to grow young betta’s on to the best quality adults around

Arrow The quick fix for fighting betta’s and how to keep your fish from fighting again

ArrowHistory and Biology of the betta fish

Arrow The one Safety tip that could save your betta’s life

Arrow How to overcome the most common problems you will encounter

ArrowHow to set up the perfect breeding tank for your betta’s

Arrow Plus much much more…

‘Betta Fish Secrets’ is packed with helpful advice and I know you’re going to be overjoyed after reading it. Just look what a couple of betta lovers had to say after reading this amazing ebook…


How to Culture Microworms

How to Culture Microworms

Feb 27

This is what I am using to feed my betta fries, I have been breeding bettas for almost a year now.  I also use microworms to feed my guppies, I’ve got really beautiful tuxedos too :D .

The essential parts required:

  • Yeast to feed the microworms. Yeast may become self sustaining where cereal is used as the living medium for the microworms.
  • Vessel for the microworms to be kept in. Should have a lid to promote humidity but small amount of ventilation is required.
  • Medium for the microworms to live upon. This is generally moist cereal or potting mix.

hangout natin, microworms, how to culture microworms

With a cereal based culture the yeast will feed on the carbohydrates and in turn become food for the microworms. Dry yeast can supplement the microworms diet. In a soil based culture the yeast cannot sustain itself and will need to be added at regular intervals.

Commercial cultures from aquarium businesses are almost exclusively cereal based. A culture will remain productive for a number of weeks but will need to be freshly restarted after worm numbers have peaked.

To make a fresh microworm culture:

  • Select some cereal based food such as stale white bread or porridge. Baby cereal and wheat biscuit style cereals are excellent. Corn flakes seem less useful.
  • Boil or microwave this mixture, place it in a container. Allow it to cool then place some holes in the lid. Ideally the mixture could be autoclaved. This step reduces the number of mould spores that have the potential to take hold and destroy a microworm culture. A mature culture will out compete mould but freshly started cultures are vulnerable.
  • The consistency of the cereal should be moist but not wet. Although theseworms will stay alive for many hours on the bottom of the aquarium, a microwormculture can drown in only a few millimeters of water.
  • Collect as many worms as possible and smear them over the top of the medium. Microworms only live on the surface where they can readily breathe. Sprinkle with dried yeast.

You can order microworms from us, just text us at this number 0999 573 9268, we deliver nationwide via LBC, shipping fee is shouldered by the buyer.


BETTA FISH CARE – Your Ultimate Guide to taking care of your Betta Fishes

For Sale 2nd Hand Computer Units – For Internet Cafe Business

For Sale 2nd Hand Computer Units – For Internet Cafe Business

Jun 29

Price : P75,000 (Negotiable)

Area:  Sapa 4, Rosario, Cavite

Reason for selling:  Owner  leaving for abroad


 7 units
Intel Dual Core  (E5500/E2180) 2.8Ghz
1G Kingston Ddr2 memory
512 PCIE Video Card
160 G Harddisk
1 unit 
AMD x2 4600+
2G DDR2 Memory
512 PCIE Video Card
 320 Gig Harddisk
1 unit 
 Intel Pentium 4 (2.0 Ghz.)
1G memory
512 Video Card
80G Harddisk
9 LCD/LED Monitors 16-17″ wide (AOC, HannsG,LG, Likom, Redfox, Illumina Brands)
Accessories and Freebies:
16 port HUB/switch
DLINK router/wireless
Windows XP, games, office installed
Computer Table


*Very good condition, 1-3 years used, LCD monitors less than  year used
Total 9 units = P75,000 (Negotiable)


Lots for Sale – Gen Trias, Cavite Area

Lots for Sale – Gen Trias, Cavite Area

Mar 12

2 Lots located in Gen. Trias Cavite are for sale. Details below:

First lot:

495 square meters

PRIZE : P 1,500,000.00  (neg)

(click picture to enlarge)

LOCATION : Mary St. Stateland View Subdivision Farmlot, Barangay Manggahan, General Trias, Cavite.

Second lot:

180 square meters

PRIZE : P 1,000,000.00 (neg)

(click picture to enlarge)


LOCATION : Sunshine Village, Barangay Manggahan, General Trias, Cavite

* Inside the Subivision there’s a Two (2) resorts HIDDEN VEGA RESORT and KINAGOT RESORT.
* Near LYCEUM UNIVERSITY OF CAVITE, Gen. Trias Wet Market, Fast Food Restaurants like McDonalds, Jollibee, KFC Fried Chicken, 7 Eleven, WalterMart SuperMarket.
* Also near Industrial Sites Like Magnolia Dairies, Purefoods Hormel, San Miguel Metal Closure, FCIE, Monterey Meat Processing, GATEWAY Industial Sites.
* Nearest Malls are SM Dasmarinas and Robinson Place Dasmarinas and KIDZ WORLD.

* McDonalds Manggahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite.
* Take Tricycle going to Stateland View Subdivision Farmlot.
* Nearest Subdivion are Sunshine Village and Tierra Royale Subdivision.
* Nearest LOT location and landmark is MARY ST. main road besides LASCONIA’S apartment.
* Area location is Good for building Apartment/Dormitories and Bed Spacer for Industrial Workers, Students, Employees working at the nearby Company & Industrial Sites.

Serious buyers only. Interested parties please leave comment with your email so we can contact you.

Labradors for sale

Labradors for sale

Mar 04

S  O  L  D


Male and Female Labradors for sale
Male (Sumo) – XXL, golden yellow, proven stud
Female (Peewee) – black
Cavite area
Php 6,000 (for 2 dogs)

We are selling both of our dogs due to limited space, if you are interested please leave comment below or you can contact us at this number 09995739268.

Serious buyers only, Cavite area. No papers.  All good for breeding, Sumo (male) is a proven stud, and XXL in size, see picture below. The price stated above are good for 2 dogs.



Aug 25

Mitsubishi Galant
P200K only (negotiable)

Philippines only
(Click pics to view larger image)



Mitsubishi Galant 97
1.8/16 valve engine
Leather seat
Strong AC
Car stereo
New headlight assy
All weather fog lamp/headlight bulb
Fiber fender
Undercoat front/rear
Lights set up (interior and under)
CASA maintained
First owned, well kept
Newly registered
Free front shock spring
See to appreciate!