Dota 2 Free Beta Keys

Dota 2 Free Beta Keys

Mar 03

Need Dota 2 Free Beta Keys?  Dota 2 – also known as Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne, is currently undergoing a closed beta phase and is scheduled for a full release this 2012. DOTA 2 is in beta and Valve has yet to announce it’s planned business model. Steam, as a platform, benefits from having as many users as possible.   Valve, the developers of Steam, have come up with many, many ways to get users to buy into the platform.

In order to play Dota 2 from steam you must obtain first free beta keys or product activation key and apply it to steam valve client.

Here are some ways on how to obtain or get  free dota 2 beta keys:

Answering the Steam Valve Dota 2 survey . 
- Download Steam and create a Steam account. or Sign in if you already have an account.
- Install and open Steam.
- Update Steam (You must have the latest version of Steam in order to take the survey). Wait for the update.
- Restart Steam after the download finishes.
- Once your Steam has been updated, click on this: Dota 2 Survey.
*If the link above does not work, go to the Dota 2 Blog post and click Dota 2 survey.
- Answer the Dota 2 Experience Survey honestly.
- Wait for your brand new Dota 2 beta keys.

Participating at website on their Dota 2 Key draw.
Yes they are giving away everyday free Dota 2 beta keys, you’ll just need to signup/register to their website then post on the appropriate threads. Multiple posts from a single account will not increase your chances to win a key. Anyone who is caught posting  from multiple accounts will be disqualified. Just post only once daily on their appropriate thread.

Joining and Participating at website.
Just like they are also running a random free dota 2 beta keys draw. They are also giving away free Razer Naga Hex. Cool isn’t it :D .  Please visit this link for more informations and schedule of their contest.

That was just some of the legit websites giving away free Dota 2 beta keys. Don’t get scammed from fake websites promising to give you dota 2 beta keys. Never fillup a survey that is not from that 3 sites given. Importantly, never buy a beta key from someone you do not know.

Anyway, I’m holding 3 beta keys. I have won 1 dota 2 beta key from that mentioned above sites. And Im planning to give my extra 2 dota 2 beta keys to my viewers.  No surveys to fill-up. I will be selecting 2 lucky viewers for the free gift.

Here’s on how to qualify:

- please use your legit  email address especially the one you have used for your facebook, dont worry your privacy is safe from us.
-  Comment to this post,  and indicate your steam id, so that we know where to send the gift.
- to increase your chances of winning please copy, paste and share publicly as your status this link –> to your facebook account. Note: please post it publicly so we will able to see your post. We will search your email in facebook to check if you really share the link.
- then wait for our email (  notice  if you win.

There you have it folks Goodluck on your favorite online game Dota 2 beta Keys! See you in game! :D , I will be posting for the results soon here.

This contest ends April 30, 2012. We will announce winners on May 1, 2012.

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