Solar Energy / Solar Panel Installation – DIY Seminar – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Solar Energy / Solar Panel Installation – DIY Seminar – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Jun 10


Produce your own Electricity!

A Solar Energy Seminar, on how to be Electrically Independent

from Electrical Companies.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


Level 1: All About Solar and How to Install Solar Panels

Everything you need to know about solar power/energy, solar panels, connections and how you can generate electricity from it.  Manual, lunch.


Level 2: Low Cost Do It Yourself Solar Panels

Hands on seminar – How To – all about solar cells / panels, diagrams, wiring, etc.  Make your own solar panel.  Kit includes solar cells, tab/bus wire, Temporary Glass with frame to get you started.  Manual and lunch included.


Time: 9:00am -2:00pm

For Inquiries and Reservation:

Text: Smart 0999-5739268


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Save Money on this Solar Powered Wood/Charcoal Stove – Super Kalan

Save Money on this Solar Powered Wood/Charcoal Stove – Super Kalan

Feb 13

Ever wonder how you can save gas on cooking?

solar power, solar energy philippines

Well, we’ve been using this one for more than 2 years now.  Our solar powered wood/charcoal stove.  We’ve been redesigning this for the nth time.. lol.  Trying to make it easier on cleaning.  The stove works perfectly fine using either wood or charcoal, and can cook real fast.  What we are trying to do with the design of the stove is to make it look better and cleaning (removing of ashes) easier.

The stove has a blower that can be adjusted to how high or low you want the fire.  The blower is powered by solar panel during daytime and solar charged deep cycle battery in the evening.

The model is our recent design, and will be changed next week :D .  Pics were taken during a demo at a construction site.

Solar panel used – 5 watts only.

solar powered, solar energy, super kalan

We used scrap woods for cooking.  With LPG price so high these days, using this one have helped us a lot in saving money.  About 4-5 pieces of cubed wood (2×2 inches) can cooked a dish (broth – like sinigang or nilaga).   Woods used were free and if there is none we can always use charcoal which is a cheap alternative also.


Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy for Your Homes

Renewable Energy – Using Solar Energy for Your Homes

Feb 18

With oil prices going up these days and no stopping them, electricity bill goes up too. Here in the Philippines, like other countries, people are looking for ways to reduce electricity consumption and save on money.

Solar energy has been getting a buzz here lately, and many have tried this way in getting free electricity. What is Solar Energy, well simply put, it is using the Sun’s heat and light, capturing them to provide power. With the help of technology, this has become easier.

By the use of Solar Panels, people can get free electricity from the sun’s light. At daytime and even at nightime. These solar panels are connected in such a way that they also charge batteries, and these charged batteries are what’s being used in the evening or when there is not much light coming from the sun (i.e. cloudy or during rainy seasons when clouds are gray and dark).

This is how our solar panel looks like, and this one above is a 5 watts solar panel that can light 2 or 3 LED bulbs or charge a cellphone at the same time.  Good noh?

Use solar energy for lights, radios, televisions, or if one has huge connection of solar panels, an entire house’s electricity will be supplied by these. No more monthly bills from electric companies, this is really a good way to save money.

Although solar panels are not cheap, but if you think in the long run, you will save more money when you are using these. You can buy just a small solar panel for your lights, then buy more when you have extra money, till you have a large connection of solar panels that will supply more electricity for your house.

If you’d like to know more about using solar energy for home use, please visit this site. Solar Energy in the Philippines for more detailed information.