How to Culture Microworms

How to Culture Microworms

Feb 27

This is what I am using to feed my betta fries, I have been breeding bettas for almost a year now.  I also use microworms to feed my guppies, I’ve got really beautiful tuxedos too :D .

The essential parts required:

  • Yeast to feed the microworms. Yeast may become self sustaining where cereal is used as the living medium for the microworms.
  • Vessel for the microworms to be kept in. Should have a lid to promote humidity but small amount of ventilation is required.
  • Medium for the microworms to live upon. This is generally moist cereal or potting mix.

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With a cereal based culture the yeast will feed on the carbohydrates and in turn become food for the microworms. Dry yeast can supplement the microworms diet. In a soil based culture the yeast cannot sustain itself and will need to be added at regular intervals.

Commercial cultures from aquarium businesses are almost exclusively cereal based. A culture will remain productive for a number of weeks but will need to be freshly restarted after worm numbers have peaked.

To make a fresh microworm culture:

  • Select some cereal based food such as stale white bread or porridge. Baby cereal and wheat biscuit style cereals are excellent. Corn flakes seem less useful.
  • Boil or microwave this mixture, place it in a container. Allow it to cool then place some holes in the lid. Ideally the mixture could be autoclaved. This step reduces the number of mould spores that have the potential to take hold and destroy a microworm culture. A mature culture will out compete mould but freshly started cultures are vulnerable.
  • The consistency of the cereal should be moist but not wet. Although theseworms will stay alive for many hours on the bottom of the aquarium, a microwormculture can drown in only a few millimeters of water.
  • Collect as many worms as possible and smear them over the top of the medium. Microworms only live on the surface where they can readily breathe. Sprinkle with dried yeast.

You can order microworms from us, just text us at this number 0999 573 9268, we deliver nationwide via LBC, shipping fee is shouldered by the buyer.


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Save Money on this Solar Powered Wood/Charcoal Stove – Super Kalan

Save Money on this Solar Powered Wood/Charcoal Stove – Super Kalan

Feb 13

Ever wonder how you can save gas on cooking?

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Well, we’ve been using this one for more than 2 years now.  Our solar powered wood/charcoal stove.  We’ve been redesigning this for the nth time.. lol.  Trying to make it easier on cleaning.  The stove works perfectly fine using either wood or charcoal, and can cook real fast.  What we are trying to do with the design of the stove is to make it look better and cleaning (removing of ashes) easier.

The stove has a blower that can be adjusted to how high or low you want the fire.  The blower is powered by solar panel during daytime and solar charged deep cycle battery in the evening.

The model is our recent design, and will be changed next week :D .  Pics were taken during a demo at a construction site.

Solar panel used – 5 watts only.

solar powered, solar energy, super kalan

We used scrap woods for cooking.  With LPG price so high these days, using this one have helped us a lot in saving money.  About 4-5 pieces of cubed wood (2×2 inches) can cooked a dish (broth – like sinigang or nilaga).   Woods used were free and if there is none we can always use charcoal which is a cheap alternative also.